Sleepy dev 🌙

I have neglected this site for nearly a year now (oops!). I miss it. Perhaps I'll find it within me to provide a substantial update soon. I'm back on a full time engineering grind and it zaps much of my desire to code after hours. Thank you to everyone who has left a lovely comment in my guestbook despite my absence <3

Creatively constipated. Is there an antidote to the illness of "obsessing over a hobby for two weeks and then losing all semblance of interest thereafter"? Asking for a friend.


A list of every hobby that I've ever indulged in (that I can recall)


I can't believe that I avoided the Discworld series for so long. Going Postal has provided me with just the sort of immersive and whimsical escape that I've been craving. Are they all this much of a delight?


I am increasingly exhuasted with everything existing within the confines of the internet being labled merely as "content".


A glossary for my favorite corporate jargon.